Waterlines 9 C.P. Waterman


Published: August 17th 2012



Waterlines 9  by  C.P. Waterman

Waterlines 9 by C.P. Waterman
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WATERLINES 9Warning: ADULTS ONLY. These two stories are for over-18s only and contain elements which some people may find offensive. If you arent interested in watersports, golden showers, or oral sex - or arent remotely curious - then please dont buy or read this book.Traffic (7650 words)Jerrys secretary drives him to the firms annual conference. En route, they witness something which sexually excites him.

Unexpectedly, his secretary offers him an outlet for relief and this leads to a new slant on their relationship. When he discovers major changes are imminent at his firm, how will this affect them? Will they find a way to stay together?Crazy Lady (6680 words)(A sequel to Behind the Castle Wall in Waterlines 8)After a short fling with a woman he met in a casual encounter, James is contacted by her friend who wants to date him too.

She turns out to be strangely eccentric in her tastes for sexual activities- she intimates that shes hoping they may have a long future together. But can James cope with the surprises this crazy lady brings - just in their first date?SAMPLEWhen I reached my room, I splashed my face with cold water.

Maybe a tepid bath will wake me up, I thought. The dance doesn’t finish until one in the morning, and I’d still have time to return if I felt like it.I started running my bath and got undressed. I didn’t rush- there didn’t seem to be any point. I carefully folded my clothes, in case I wanted to wear them again immediately afterwards.....I climbed in the bath- it was a little cooler than I had planned.There was a knock on the door, and a muffled voice.

I listened and heard the knock again. “Jerry? Are you in there? Are you awake?”It was Tina. I couldn’t find her downstairs at the dance, but she had found me now.I hauled myself out of the tub, put a towel round my waist and called out to her as I approached the door.“What happened?” I asked, opening the door and inviting her in. “I looked everywhere for you, and couldn’t find you.”“I’m sorry, Jerry.

When I went to the ladies’ toilet, I met an old friend I hadn’t seen in years – she works for one of the offices in the north – and we had such a lot to talk about. I came back into the hall to try and find you, and tell you what had happened, but you weren’t at our table.

So she and I went to the hotel foyer to talk, away from the noise at the dance.”I was frankly relieved that she hadn’t gone off with some other guy at the dance after we had lost each other. I probably breathed a sigh of relief.“Anyway... what’s all this?” she gestured to my towel. “Getting ready for bed?”“I was taking a bath.”“Without me? We’ve got some unfinished business, you and I.” She started undressing. “Get in the bath. I’ll be there in a minute.”“What do you have in mind?”“You’ll see.”She was in control, but I didn’t care.

I was tired and the worst for drink. I took off my towel and got into the bath once more, and ran a little more warm water.“Turn it off. You don’t need any more water. I’m bringing some in with me,” she called.“What do you mean?”“It’s Playtime!” she giggled as she entered the bathroom, completely naked. “I reckon I know how to get you so horny that you’ll want me to do this to you every day when we get back to the office.”

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